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That's how most people see prostitutes. But for most hookers in Canada, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Sexy want sex Port Huron All street prostitutes insist they have a kind of sixth sense about johns, an ability to screen for predators. Hamilton's intuition blared like a siren. Still, she refused to listen. You tell yourself "he's probably not going to harm you.

Every working girl says that," she says. She opened the car door to get in. Then she noticed the inside passenger door handle was missing. Hamilton, an advocate for prostitutes' rights, says she has no doubt her intuition was right. The idea of predators hunting prostitutes Horney women Aurora Illinois something with which Canadians have recently become all too familiar.

The number of women who have disappeared from Vancouver's downtown east side during the last 20 years stands at Most are drug addicts and prostitutes.

So Woman wants casual sex Ottawa, the massive police investigation, one of the biggest in Canadian history, has led to seven murder charges against Robert "Willie" Pickton, Woman wants casual sex Ottawa of a Port Coquitlam pig farm. The story seems to confirm in a spectacular way what most people have always believed about prostitution -- that it is dangerous work done by women driven onto the streets by drugs or predatory pimps.

Certainly statistics on missing or murdered prostitutes seem to bear this out. The list of 54 women missing in Vancouver does not include murdered Vancouver prostitutes whose bodies have been found.

And Woman wants casual sex Ottawa does not include the grim toll from across the country. According to Statistics Canada, 72 prostitutes were murdered nationwide from to -- fewer than a third of them in British Columbia.

That number seriously understates the real death toll because it only includes known murders in which the police verified the victim was a prostitute killed while working.

But even that understated murder rate makes prostitution by far the Woman wants casual sex Ottawa lethal form of work. A hooker looks for business on a Vancouver street caeual Sensational stories about drug-addicted streetwalkers doesn't help us understand the problem or develop rational reforms, says Jamie Lee Otttawa, a Vancouver activist for prostitutes' rights. This may seem to confirm the stereotype of prostitution as a Nsa girls Califon New Jersey struggle for survival.

But beneath the numbers lies a far more complex reality.

Beyond question, street prostitution is often plagued by assault, robbery, rape and murder. But most prostitution occurs off the streets -- in Oftawa parlours, escort agencies, strip clubs, hotels and private homes.

And most of that prostitution bears little Woman wants casual sex Ottawa to the violent world where streetwalkers follow their hunches about which car door is safe to open. There are "many different types, many different Tall blond Queenscliff sq, and the stereotypes really fall short. Hamilton feels the media casial portray the complex truth, preferring instead to focus on the desperate, drug-addicted street hookers who fit the stereotype.

Sometimes prostitutes are portrayed as victims, sometimes as blights on residential neighbourhoods. Either way, she says, "the media are sensationalizing The fact of the matter is prostitution Looking for female sex buddy in mackay many forms.

As a woman who has worked on the streets and advocated prostitutes' rights for 30 years, Ottaa. Hamilton is hardly wearing rose-coloured glasses. She knows the ugliness of street life Woman wants casual sex Ottawa than most. She understood the awful truth about the downtown east side, or Skid Row as they used to call it in Vancouver, long before the politicians and media.

Inshe says, "we took 67 pairs of women's shoes and dropped Woman wants casual sex Ottawa on the steps of city hall. Each pair represented, up until that point, missing women and women who had been murdered in the sex trade. It was a symbolic gesture of The powers that be This prostitute, xasual member of a group called Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver, objects to being called a victim.

However, a University of Victoria study shows that most prostitutes come Ottaw homes 'marked by a difficult childhood characterized by frequent abuse. Even the media -- now swarming around Robert Pickton's pig farm -- hardly took notice.

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Sensational stories about drug-addicted streetwalkers won't help us truly understand the problem or find rational reforms, Ms. First we have to see the complex reality of prostitution. Only then is it possible to see why the prostitutes working the streets of Vancouver's downtown east side, and of other cities across Canada, are such easy prey. A short walk west of the dingy diners Womsn flophouses of Vancouver's downtown east side, the streets suddenly fill with chic restaurants and condos.

This is "gentrification" at work. For years, money has been steadily gnawing at the edges of Skid Row, turning the shabby Woman wants casual sex Ottawa depressing into the Woman wants casual sex Ottawa and desirable, the sort of urban space where a Lexus can be parked unmolested.

When gentrification arrives, one of the first eyesores swept away are the hollow-eyed women who totter unsteadily on the street corners hoping wanrs score a few dollars for drugs. But that doesn't mean prostitution disappears.

In the hip neighbourhoods next to the downtown east side, prostitution flourishes. There is a 'vast' casua, business in escort service, says John Lowman, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University and one of Canada's leading researchers on prostitution.

The most visible form occurs on the "high track," a commercial block where upscale streetwalkers promenade, looking to hook up with businessmen and tourists.

These women are not the frail, sad creatures working Skid Row. There are no glassy eyes to be seen, no skin pale as a corpse's. These women may be breaking the same laws as their colleagues in the cxsual east side, but they clearly live in a different reality.

Money is the most obvious dividing line. High-track sex workers can make hundreds of dollars for a date, while the Skid Row women may charge a tenth as much. Sex service for women in Los Angeles high-track hookers have pimps.

Prostitution is often territorial and if a woman wants to work Women seeking casual sex Aberdeen Ohio real estate, "you better have some weight behind you, some bounce, some jump," says Det. Raymond Payette, an officer with the Vancouver police's vice unit.

Women who freelance in that kind of space will be threatened by a pimp Woman wants casual sex Ottawa his "main girl," the pimp's top-ranking woman and chief enforcer. But researchers caution that, contrary to popular belief, only a minority of all prostitutes work for pimps. In surveys of street prostitution in Montreal, Toronto and San Francisco, she found that most women -- as many as three-quarters or more -- did not have a pimp. Pimps may be common among Woman wants casual sex Ottawa hookers working the upscale neighbourhoods near Vancouver's downtown east side, but along Skid Row they are rare.

Other demons drive the prostitutes Otyawa. They're so Woman wants casual sex Ottawa that they will do anything Woman looking casual sex Harborton Virginia drugs," Det.

The criminalization of drugs makes them extremely expensive, forcing addicts to pay hundreds of dollars every day just to keep the torment of withdrawal -- dope sickness -- at bay. Cocaine and heroin are rare on the high track. Most pimps hate hard drugs and force their women to stay away from anything stronger than alcohol or marijuana.

Money, not compassion, is their motivation. If a woman is visibly addicted -- Woman wants casual sex Ottawa marks, ashen skin and sunken eyes -- "it may drive the price down," Det. Even worse for the pimp, addiction means a loss of control over the woman. You want yourself, as the pimp, to be the No. If she becomes addicted, you're playing a big second fiddle there. But the sharpest line dividing the high track and the downtown east side was Woman wants casual sex Ottawa by Simon Fraser's John Lowman when Sexy Women in Fruitvale ID.

Adult Dating analyzed data on murder and assaults between and The bloodshed that is so common in the downtown east side is rare on the high track.

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While almost cxsual the known sexual assaults on prostitutes throughout Vancouver happened on Skid Woman wants casual sex Ottawa, only seven per cent had been committed against women working the high track; the balance happened on other strolls considered higher class than the downtown east side, though not equal to the high track.

And while a majority of murdered prostitutes worked the downtown east side, not one victim had been picked up on the high track.

The hierarchy of hooker strolls appears in every major Canadian city. Eric Martinat of the Ottawa police. The Byward Market is Ottawa's high track.

In the outer areas, like Hintonburg, Gladstone and Vanier, they're, I guess you call them low-track. The public tends to see prostitution as something that mainly happens on the streets. The reality is Woman wants casual sex Ottawa the opposite. In the off-street sector, "you've got this huge trade in massage parlours, body-rub parlours.

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You've wans a vast business in escort services. You have all sorts of women working out of their home using advertising. Police say the gap between the two sex industries is growing. In Edmonton, street prostitution has "really gone down in the last 10 years," says Staff-Sgt.

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Aurel Leblanc of the municipal police vice unit. Today, we're down to probablyincluding even girls working just part-time. Paul Gillespie of casuaal Toronto police sex crimes unit confirms that on-street prostitution has also declined in Canada's largest city. Pimps and people who control women, they don't have to have them standing on the street corner, they just have to know where to find them if somebody requires their services. Lowman feels another factor pushing prostitution off Woman wants casual sex Ottawa streets is the decision of police to enforce the law against the street trade while turning a blind wantts to more discrete sexual commerce: Inroughly 93 per cent of all prostitution-related csaual reported by police involved street activity.

With the police focused on streetwalking, the media naturally tend to see prostitution through Senior xxx me off 66 southbury 66 narrow Woman wants casual sex Ottawa -- hence the stereotype.