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They take over the Squid Sisters ' duties from the first game as the hostesses of Inkopolis News at the start of the game, Off the hook fun w well as Splatfest events.

When the game starts up the first time in the 3. As hok broadcast ends, Pearl says that that was the only best thing so she will probably never do it again.

Off the Hook makes an appearance throughout the Octo Expansionhelping Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish by giving advice and commentary fuun Agent 8's tests.

They meet the duo after Agent 8 passes Fake Plastic Station through Cap'n Cuttlefish's walkie-talkie, Off the hook fun w they were on Mount Nantai where the signal was the strongest.

Pearl and Off the hook fun w call themselves by their usernames, MC. If Agent 8 loses all of their lives in a test at least twice, Marina will offer to use Agent 8's test data and hack the Kamabo Corporation 's database to trick the test into thinking Agent 8 passed.

If Agent 8 has less than CQ Points to do so, Pearl will take money te her dad's wallet to be transferred into CQ Points, after Off the hook fun w Cap'n Cuttlefish can be talked to to pay the points back. After Agent 8 collects all four thangs, Marina discovers they make a blender and the Telephone that had them find the thangs intends on blending Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Before it can do so, however, Marina activates Agent 8's CQ 's distress signal, summoning Agent 3 and breaking the blender and phone in the nick of time.

Marina then tells Agent 8 that they can escape through the hole Agent 3 made. As Agent 8 escapes the facility, Off the Hook shows up with a fleet of helicopters to pick them up along Offf Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 3. As Pearl raps with Cap'n Cuttlefish, the platform Agent 8 was on rises up and turns out to be a huge statue of a human, with the Telephone, now known as Commander Tartar, Off the hook fun w on destroying all Inklings and Octolings with his blast of primordial ooze.

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Marina analyzes the statue and discovers that the statue Off the hook fun w charging up by sunlight. Therefore, if they can cover it with ink, with the help of her Hyperbombs that Agent 8 has to manually detonate, then the statue will stop charging and Pearl can finish it hoo, with a "Hypersonic Battlecry" to destroy it.

After Agent 8 detonates all the Hyperbombs, the statue attempts to fire anyway, prompting Pearl to activate a giant Killer Wail stylized with her colors and crown.

Off the Hook. Off the Hook (テンタクルズ Tentacles) is a pop idol duo in Inkopolis Square consisting of Pearl and Marina. They take over the Squid Sisters ' duties from the first game as the hostesses of Inkopolis News at the start of the game, as well as Splatfest events. Crabby Bill's Off The Hook - Local Seafood Restaurant in Tampa Crabby Bill's Off The Hook is a new spin on the iconic seafood restaurant in Tampa. We serve the best local seafood around. Dec 24,  · Splatoon 2 Off The Hook Concert Fun Gamer Fever 59, views. 😂😂THE FUNNIEST WHEEL OF FORTUNE FAILS EVER! 😂😂#2 - Duration: .

As the statue fires, Pearl lets out a giant Booyah and battles with the statue's hoko before pushing it back and destroying the statue with pink ink.

As the statue collapses into the sea, Pearl and Marina celebrate and watch the credits with their allies. From Inkipedia, the Splatoon wiki.

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Its meaning here may have to do with being trendy. Characters in Splatoon 2.

Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Views Read View source History. Games Splatoon Splatoon 2.

Community Recent discussions How can I help? This page was last edited on 24 Februarydun This page has been accessedtimes.

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View the quotation page. And follow the wave!

Users with Lynx and browsers that don't support streaming audio can when advertisements play on a television, fun with LinkNYC kiosks, the. Off the Hook Style BFFs, Vivian & Mila (Summer Vacay), +. Off the Hook Style Studio, Fashion Fun Playset with 4" Small Doll & Fashions. +. Off the Hook Style. Off the hook is actually a modernization of a series of slang words. The old school use of 'off the hook' is to "get away with something", or "not be responsible .