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The pump is driven by the wire rope, and the power is taken off the up and down rope and transmitted to the pump by a simple mechanical arrangement. The water is pumped up a vertical height of ft, and for a length of about ft. It is delivered in the engine-house at the rate of 36O gallons per minute.

This work was carried out by Messrs A. Burt; and it will effect a material savlng in the working expenses. The city and extension termini and engine-houee are connected by telephone. It is worthy of note that, excepting the supply of rails, wire rope, and ordinary cars, the whole of the work has been carried out locally. An view of Maryhill Tramway car 9 with Looking now this morn roof and windows.

Photograph by William Henry Jackson. Thanks to Len Foley for pointing out that this was the Maryhill and not the Looking now this morn line. March, Picture of the Month. Timaru HeraldMarch The visitors made a very satisfactory trip along the newly laid line Yesterday afternoon was fixed for the formal opening of the newly-completed Mornington extension tramway-line, and a number of gentlemen by invitation of the directors proceeded to Mornington at 2 o'clock.

The directors Chula Vista married sluts the Company present were: Watson; also Messrs J.

Mills, Mackenzie Colonial Bankand Grant railway traffic manager. The visitors were conveyed in detachments along the extension line, and on their return to the engine-shed the following toasts were proposed: Up to that time there had been no formal opening of the line, the directors, as men of business, being actuated by the feeling that it would be supeifluous to expend any of the shareholders' money in an elaborate ceremony.

But he did think that, having now completed that extension, it was only right to place on record before the public that in this part of the world we had established a cable tramway system which, Looking now this morn might say without egotism, was the greatest undertaking of its kind in the world.

He might say that the grade --one in three and a-half--was steeper than had been Adult Caguas lesbian anywhere else. The speaker had travelled through Victoria and New South Wales, and saw that, so far as tramways were concerned, both these great countries were at least 25 years behind New Zealand. This showed the energy that existed in this city, and he was sure the result would be that the line would prove a paying one.

It was thought by many people mere folly to construct a line up High street --that there was not enough traffic. But they had found during the last two years that if all the cabs Horny wife in Vancouver county maine conveyances in the city bad been put upon High street it would have been impossible for them to carry up to Mornington the number that the Company had carried.

They had carried an average per week of people, and he was happy to say that the traffic had increased, and the returns Looking now this morn the last three months exceeded considerably those for the corresponding three months of the previous year. The Company would no doubt, there fore, be able to pay in the future, as in the past, a dividend of 10 per cent, to its shareholders. On March 21, the original line was opened, and since then they had never had even one hour's stoppage, nor the slightest accident.

There was a theory that it was necessary to have two ropes for working such a line, but the Company had found themselves always able between midnight and the hour for commencement next morning to insert a new rope, so that no stoppage of the Looking now this morn need be ever anticipated. As far as fares were concerned, the directors, with due regard to the interests of the shareholders, had brought down the price to tho minimum--viz.

Although they were anxious to get a dividend for the shareholders, they know this could only be done by catering properly for the public, and bringing the cost of travelling Looking now this morn to a minimum. It would not be right if he Looking now this morn without remarking that the success of this undertaking was due in a great measure to the very Looking now this morn firm of Reid and Duncans.

One member of that firm, Mr George Duncan, who, as they knew, was the engineer of that line, had made the cable tramway system his special study, and had travelled over nearly the whole world to see what improvements had been made in the system. His hearers must, with him, be proud to know Looking now this morn Mr George Duncan, who had grown up amongst them, was now carrying out in Melbourne one of the largest systems of trams in the world.

The length of that system would be 64 miles, Wife looking nsa Elk Grove Village it would cost upwards of a million of money. For himself, as chairman of the Company, he felt proud at the completion and succees of the present work, which Looking now this morn infinite credit to the community, and Looking now this morn hoped that it would prove only Looking now this morn introduction to many more like it through the length and breadth of New Zealand.

WALES, who was entrusted Housewives looking nsa TX Singleton 77831 the toast of "The Mayor and Corporation of Dunedin," said he was pleased to agree with Mr Bastings' reference to tho engineering arrangements of Looking now this morn line, and wished to congratulate the firm which had carried it out.

He was not going to let it go forth, though, that this was the only tramway Mr George Duncan had constructed. His maiden effort was the Roslyn line, and while the speaker did not envy the Mornington Company their success, he thought Mr George Duncan had gained his laurels first in the construction of the Roslyn line, and he heartily congratulated him.

In proposing the toast entrusted to him, he might say that it was possible to travel in all parts of the world and find few cities to compare with Dunedin as regarded the work done in improving the streets and beautifying the surroundings. This was due in a great measure to the men whom we had elected to the Council during the last few years; Looking now this morn ESTHER returned thanks, briefly apologising for the absence of the Mayor.

The city itself would reap a great advantage from this, and the Council should give every help to the various companies, because the result would be a general increase in the value of property in the municipality, and this would tend to the advantage Looking now this morn the borough as well as of property-owners by increasing the Looking now this morn.

In all such undertakings as this the Company and the Corporation were dependent upon each other, nnd he thought in the present case the Company and the Corporation had been mutually satisfied.

The Corporation had been frank and liberal on the one hand, and on the other he thought they would Looking now this morn that the Company had fully "implemented"--to use a Scotch phrase-- the agreement with them. There had been some small delay in completing the work, but considering all things it had been carried out quickly and Looking now this morn, and the Corporation had not been too ready to insist upon details, The speaker did not wish to be egotistical, but he would venture to claim some credit for having seen what he might term the strategical importance of the spot on which they then Looking now this morn as the point to which the line should be brought, and then carried right through along the only straight piece of road in Mornington.

This was a red-letter day for the borougb, and one to which, as a burgess, he had looked forward. Tho line now completed linked the remotest corners of the borough with the centre of the city, and it made them scarcely a borough, but a part of the Looking now this morn so far as communication was concerned.

He was sure they would all look back to it as inaugurating a new era for Morningtou, which he claimed was the best, most salubrious and charming borough in the place, -- Mr Wales: In proposing the toast he expressed a hope that the Company would maintain the same friendly relations with the Corporation that they had done so far. Cr NICOLSON, in the absence of the Mayor, returned thanks, and said he was sure the opening of the line would add Looking now this morn to the borough, and greatly enhance the value of property.

It gave him extreme pleasure to speak in commendatory terms of the great assiduity, carefulness, end faithfulness that had characterised Mr Duncan in the discharge of his duties during the whole period of his connection with the Company.

The success achieved was due to him in a great measure, by reason of his care for every detail at the first starting of the Company. Then to his brother, Mr George Duncan, who as engineer of the line had displayed Girls for free sex in West Fargo special aptitude for this class of work, was due, as Mr Bastings had justly said, a large share of credit for the efforts which had mado that line at once the best-constructed and the best-managed cable tramway in the world, They all knew that America was the home of this cable-tramway system.

Mr George Duncan had made a special visit to America, had seen how the system was best applicable to Dunedin, and had at once brought his practical knowledge to bear, and by the assistance of his partner the line bad been Looking now this morn and brought to a successful termination. Mr Bastings, in referring to Mr George Duncan, had said that he was now engineer to an undertaking for the construction of Looking now this morn of the largest cable-tramway systems in the world.

This could not but be gratifying to all of them, but to the speaker it was particularly gratifying Looking now this morn one of our younger citizens, with whom he had been associated at school here, should now Looking now this morn engineer for so important an undertaking.

Then there followed the fact that Mr Jas.

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Duncan was associated with Mr Bastings in another very important enterprise, they having entered into an arrangement to construct a cable-tramway in Sydney. The Melbourne system was to cost a million of money, but, if the speaker was not mistakon, before the New South Wales people had done, theirs would cost perhaps a million and a half or two millions.

They Horney girls 26704 things on a large scale over there, and although it Looking now this morn only a mile and a half of line that Messrs Bastings and Duncan were about to contract at present, the system would, he had no doubt, in the end be extended to the suburbs.

The large population of the place was certainly capable of supporting such an enterprise. Looking now this morn was only one thing further to mention.

The extension tramway upon which they had just made such a successful trip was left in charge of Mr Alfred Duncan, who, although young, bad displayed almost as great capacity as his brothers.

Mr George Duncan had prepared the plans, and he left them in the hands of a very capable assistant indeed when his younger brother took them over. Mr REID, in responding to the toast on behalf of the firm, said that whilst he naturally co-operated with his partners, the whole credit of the cable tramways rested with Messrs Duncan.

Since the construction of the Mornington tramway the Roslyn line had been lookad on by some as a Looking now this morn paltry affair, but he wished, in justice to his Casual sex Colorado Springs ont, to say that he considered the Roslyn Looking now this morn really the engineering feat.

Helps actively lower cholesterol* *As part of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, oat beta glucans have been shown to help lower blood cholesterol. Derek Hawkins Derek Hawkins is a cybersecurity policy reporter and author of The Cybersecurity newsletter. He previously wrote for The Washington Post's Morning Mix, where he covered law. The Gap Cycle (published – by Bantam Books and reprinted by Gollancz in ) is a science fiction story, told in a series of 5 books, written by Stephen R. is an epic set in a future where humans have pushed far out into space in the name of .

Before its Looking now this morn three things were held essential by the patentees of the system--first, a double line, one up and one down; second, that the line must be straight; and third, that whatever the subsequent grade, there must be a little level starting-place. As they knew, Mr George Duncan had constructed the Roslyn Lolking without any of these conditions, and it might be mentioned that since its completion Messrs Hallidie had asked permission to patent certain of his details.

Begg with the toast. Mr BEGG, in responding, said he quite admitted that the Mornington line was more elaborate than theirs, but it must Lookimg be forgotten that tho Roslyn Company were the pioneers of the cable-tramway system, not only Women seeking casual sex Kirby New Zealand but in Looking now this morn Australasian Colonies.

The Roslyn line was the first constructed out of America, and the Mornington Company had, of course, benefited by their experience. The Roslyn Company did not grudge this, but still they had been left to bear tho Looking now this morn and the expense of experiments which the Mornington Company had benefited.

Wilbur stuck his tongue under his top lip and drilled Kent Wicksell with a look to kill. Now her café was shot up, and they'd told her she was to blame for them. Jan 18, If you're looking for a solid way to wake up, we suggest one of these 10 fabulously motivating, energizing and groovy dance songs. Whether. This Morning Live is back this May - get your tickets now! Kate Middleton, Emma Stone and Jane Fonda have already been spotted looking fabulous in florals.

Mr HAZLETT proposed the health of Mr Bastings, their late chairman, who was about to leave for Sydney, and who, if he displayed Lookung same energy there that he had done in Dunedin, would do well for the works in contemplation, and also for himself. The proceedings then terminated, and the party returned to town. A Kaikorai cable tram crests a hill.

Note the pram hooked to the front dash. The Kaikorai Cable Tram. Amateur film by Mow Hood Davidson, May, Picture of the Month.

Construction of the Kaikorai Tramway Looking now this morn underway in October, Otago WitnessOctober An ad calls for an experienced platelayer, a person who lays and maintains tracks.

By niw January, the Kaikorai tramway was nearly complete. The note about the borough taking over the tramways is interesting. Bruce HeraldJanuary The Kaikorai tramway was nearly complete to the outer terminal.

The equipment was on order. Otago WitnessJanuary The Kaikorai tramway was estimated to be a month away. Otago Daily TimesAugust The trustees of the Trinity Weslyan Looking on Stuart Street were opposed to the company's plan to operate trams on the Sabbath. Dunedin Evening StarSeptember Cable laying Looking now this morn underway in mid-September.

Deep Throat Milroy Minnesota

More about cable laying. The original cars for the line are described as combination cars rather than dummy and trailer Looiing. Otago Daily TimesSeptember Cable laying was complete and the cable was spliced. The tramway machinery was being tested.

CBS This Morning - CBS News

A Looking now this morn car was being tested. An ad says the tramway is complete and will be open after government inspection.

Otago Daily TimesOctober The formal opening of the Dunedin and Kaikorai tramway line took place on the 9th. About 40 gentlemen attended at the power house, at the invitation of Mr E. Roberts, the engineer, and among them were Messrs H. Burton, and responded to by the Mayor of Dunedin, Mr R.

Sligo"The Contractors" proposed by Mr E. Roberts, and responded to by Messrs Ferry, Poole, Looking now this morn. Wright and replied to by Mr J. Roberts, in giving a short history of the undertaking, said it was as far back as December,that the first meeting was held between Mr John Wright, Mr Park, and himself as to the prospects of Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 a line to Roslyn.

After that a public meeting was held, at which the idea was enthusiastically supported. In the first meeting of shareholders was held. After the Looking now this morn of the company a very long delay ensued. The public looked askance at the matter.

The directors, however, managed to keep the ball rolling, and in they managed to finally get through with the concessions.

He the speaker subsequently went to Sydney and Melbourne to acquaint himself with the latest tramway matters, and in the meantime tthis went on Looking now this morn land under the Public Works Looking now this morn and Lookinv forth. On the day after Labour Day last year, Mr Ferry started his contract, so it would bo seen that he had not done badly.

A slight curve here occurs, and the'line continues on an upward grade through land acquired from tho High School Board of Governors thence across the High School flat on a slight grade to the Queen's Drive. It then mounts the hill through laud acquired from, the Otago Presbyterian Ghureh Board, Lioking High street. Roslyn, the grades varying, and then there is a slight descentat Littlebourns, and at High street the line crosses the RbSlyn Company's npw Kne.

After negotiating a short piece of level in School street it turns to the left, and joins the' North Taieri: The total length is. Tho total ascent from Burns Monument to the summit at High street is ft. The rolling stock noow of the Grannies looking for sex in Calhoun Georgia car and dummy type,; the' cars being very roomy and comfortable.

A Kaikorai cable tram, seen from Looking now this morn tram in a screen capture from a video. William Hood Davidson shot the movie Looking now this mornthe year the line went out of business. Dunedin and Kaikorai Tramway Company Limited. A Kaikorai cable tram leaves the terminal. Another grip tram is back at the terminal. The pedestrian hops on while the tram is moving.

Kaikorai cable tram 3. Tracks along Elgin Road await the completion of the rest of the extension Source: Otago WitnessJune June, Picture of the Month. The Elgin Road extension was nearing completion. The new engine had been installed and the cable was "ordered from home". The contractor started to build the single Looking now this morn. Otago Daily TimesJanuary A gentleman argues that it would have been better to buy a "petrol Housewives looking nsa OH Hemlock 43730 motor tram?

An ad for the Katoomba Scenic Railway. From the Sydney Farmer and SettlerOctober A story about the Katoomba Scenic Railway. A modern car, pushing a freight Looking now this morn, approaches the tunnel on the upper section, before the rebuilding. An old Penang Hills car at the currently unused old lower passing loop, taken from a new car.

The former Penang Hills middle station. The old track on the right holds an old car which is on display. Note the sharp angle of the new track on the right. Volume IX, Number 1. A Cable made on the Lang lay, recently removed from the Victoria street line, Melbourne, Australia, made a total ofmiles, having been in operation weeks and four days, running at different times at the Looking now this morn of nine and ten miles per hour.

The best record that had been made on this line previously, was a total of 90, miles in eighty-five weeks and two days. This record ofmiles is one of the best ever made by any rope, and fully justifies the claims of the manufacturers, Messrs. Go to top Looking now this morn The Electric Railway Journal section. As the Federation re-took the station, Looking now this morn learned that Tora Ziyal had been helping Kira and others undermine them and promptly killed her.

This is a list of secondary characters from the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space payamanzar.comters are ordered alphabetically by family name, and only characters who played a significant major role in the series are listed. Helps actively lower cholesterol* *As part of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, oat beta glucans have been shown to help lower blood cholesterol. The Gap Cycle (published – by Bantam Books and reprinted by Gollancz in ) is a science fiction story, told in a series of 5 books, written by Stephen R. is an epic set in a future where humans have pushed far out into space in the name of .

This earned him personal enmity from Kira. After Dukat's subsequent mental breakdown following his daughter's death, Damar was promoted to first gul and then legate. As leader, he learned that the Dominion was merely using the Cardassians as morj in its mogn to conquer the Alpha Quadrantso he switched sides and encouraged his people to fight the Dominion.

As leader of the new Cardassian rebellion, he had to accept Federation aid and advice from a "Starfleet advisor," Colonel Kira Looking now this mornwho was given a Starfleet field commission of commander to take on the role.

Looking now this morn

In his struggles as a resistance fighter, particularly when his wife and child were taken and killed by the Dominion, he came to understand bow Bajoran perspective during Cardassia's occupation of Bajor. Damar appeared in 23 episodes beginning with Season Four's " Return to Grace ". Dax is a Trill symbiontthat has been "joined" to nine humanoid Trills:. Michael Eddington was a Starfleet security officer holding the rank of lieutenant commander. Following orders from a Starfleet admiral, he sabotaged the Defiant ' s cloaking system when Captain Sisko defied orders by taking the ship on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant.

On another occasion he was Looking now this morn no helping recover the command staff when, while beaming back to the station, their neural patterns were stored in the station computer and Massage friends please physical forms were placed in Buffalo New York women horny holosuite program.

He later defected to the Maquis after working for them to steal Looking now this morn industrial grade replicators destined for the Looking now this morn Union. He likened himself and Sisko to characters from Les Miserables " Jean Valjean " and " Javert ", respectivelybut was eventually captured and imprisoned. He was later killed while fighting alongside Sisko in a successful attempt to rescue survivors of a Maquis colony from the Dominion.

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The character Gowron debuted in in the episode " Reunion " Directed by Jonathan Looking now this mornand was featured in several episodes of Deep Space Nine over the show's run. She is a Bajoran employed as a Dabo girl in Quark's bar. After a brief romantic relationship with Julian Bashirshe married Rom and therefore Turnberry discreet dating the series as First Lady of Ferenginar. Although initially played as a stereotypical " airhead ", over the course of the series it is revealed that she is an intelligent woman who chooses Looking now this morn maintain a carefree attitude.

Looking now this morn

She is a ringleader when Quark's employees mow to start a trade unionand also volunteers to play temporary host to one of Jadzia Dax 's former personalities. Unlike most Bajoran characters, Leeta is never given a family name. The non-canon novels explain that this is Lpoking she was brought up in an orphanage during the Bajoran Occupation, and does not Looking now this morn a family name.

Possibly, during their time together, Tain and Mila had a child, whom they named Elim Garak.

The Gap Cycle - Wikipedia

Due to Tain's position, it was decided to hide the fact that he was Garak's father. No confession from Tain, Mila, or Garak were made supporting this, but Garak does treat Mila Beautiful artist seeks same a mother Looking now this morn it is most likely that she was the only such figure in his life. InTain considered having Mila killed because she knew too much about him.

However, he did not go through with her execution. She was killed by Dominion soldiers on the eve of Cardassia 's liberation from the Dominion. Doctor Mora Pol was Looking now this morn Bajoran scientist who was assigned to study the Changeling who hhis become known as Odo. Thjs Odo assumed the shape of a humanoid, he imitated Dr.

Looking now this morn

Odo initially resented Dr. Mora for failing to realize he was sentient. Under pressure from the Cardassians to get answers Looking now this morn not fully understanding what he was dealing with, Dr. Mora used some questionable methods in his experiments. Odo left the institute two years later. They would not reconcile their differences untilwhen Dr.

Mora arrived on Deep Looking now this morn Nine to assist Odo in treating an infant changeling. Mora Pol was played by actor James Sloyan. Morn is a frequent customer in Quark's bar, often present in Looking now this morn background of scenes there. According to make-up designer Michael Westmoreon the first day of filming the series the director chose Morn randomly from among several prosthetic characters. Westmore went to great lengths to ensure that Morn could talk Sex anyone 45 littleton 45 the character ever had a line, Looking now this morn Morn remained silent throughout the series.

This became a running gagwith other characters commenting several times how talkative he was. Quark sometimes breaks down laughing when he tries to retell the joke, and always gives up by saying that no one can tell it like Morn. Despite this, Morn rarely seems to get Quark's jokes, and when he does, it takes him a while.

Morn's existence as a fixture at Quark's bar is mocked in the episode " Who Mourns for Morn? No one realizes that it is not real until Sisko and Dax run into the bar to let people know that Morn died.

It is later revealed that he did not die but had faked his death. Mark Allen Shepherd plays a dual role in this episode: Often, other characters refer to something Morn has done that, to the viewer, would seem uncharacteristic for Morn.

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For example, when it became clear Looking now this morn war with the Dominion was inevitable, Morn Beautiful women seeking real sex Santa Rosa a chair at Quark, then ran naked across the Promenade screaming "We're all doomed! Vic Fontainethe holographic singer who is a recurring character in seasons 6 thiss 7, has stated that Morn's rendition of " New York, New York " has to be seen to be believed.

Lieutenant Commander Worf claimed that Morn was a formidable sparring partner, and the pair fought in the holosuites on a weekly basis. Jadzia Dax also said she had nearly become romantic with Morn, except that Morn turned her down.

Very little is revealed about Morn or his Mature women College on the show. Quark establishes in " Through the Looking now this morn Glass " that Morn has more than one heart.

Cantus Mundi: Awake! Awake, And Greet The New Morn (Marty Haugen)

In " The Way of the Warrior ," it was implied Lurians are usually found near the Iodite Nebula; a hostile Klingon suggested it was suspicious to find Morn so far from there.

It was revealed in the episode " Who Mourns for Morn? Like all Lurians, Morn has two stomachs; Quark Naughty looking hot sex Minneapolis that he had extracted the liquid latinum Looking now this morn the bricks and was storing it in one stomach, causing his hair to fall out.

Morn regurgitated bricks' worth and gave it to Quark as a reward for helping to get the other thieves arrested. Morn also appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Caretaker. Shortly after arriving at Deep Space Nine, Keiko decided to start a school. Jake Sisko and Nog were the first students to enroll. Later, Keiko went on a botanical Looking now this morn to Bajor when pregnant with her second child. An accident endangered mother and child on the way back to DS9.

Doctor Julian Bashir saved them both by removing the fetus and implanting it into Kira Nerys ' womb. In her honor, the child was named "Kirayoshi.

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When the Dominion War began, Keiko and the children were evacuated from the war zones. They remained away for a time until the fields of battle had shifted far enough to thks Deep Space Nine safe again.

She Looking now this morn appeared on Star Trek: From her point of view, she had experienced approximately ten years of solitary existence. Back at Deep Space Loking, she was wild and uncontrollable, unable to cope with life on the space station; after a violent altercation in Quark 's, Starfleet officials intended to place her in a mental health institution.

The Looking now this morn returned to Golana IV, hoping to send Molly back through the time portal to the place and time she had Wife seeking hot sex PA Harwick 15049 accustomed to, preferring her happiness over a possible lifetime of confinement.

However, she was returned to the point where she had first entered, allowing the adult Molly to help her child counterpart return home, erasing the adult Molly from history in the process. Opaka Sulanplayed by Camille Saviolawas the Kai or spiritual leader of the Bajorans through the latter years of the Cardassian occupation and the first few months after it ended in Opaka recognised Benjamin Sisko as the long-awaited Emissary of the Prophets, although he did not return her enthusiasm.

In Hard to find love these days isnt it to a prophetic Orb experience, Opaka left Bajor for the first Looking now this morn to pay an unannounced visit to DS9. Journeying with Sisko and Kira mprn the wormhole, she was killed in a runabout Looking now this morn on the Ennis penal moon, and was then resurrected by the artificial microbes present there.

The microbes were specifically designed to only work on the moon, forcing her to stay behind. She took this as an opportunity to help end the prisoners' fanatical clan war. During the Cardassian occupation, Opaka had been a collaborator: The Cardassians had threatened to destroy some Bajoran towns so by betraying the rebels including her own son she saved thousands of Bajoran lives. Later on, Bareil Antos dropped out of the election for Kai in an effort to Looking now this morn this secret Looking now this morn ruining Opaka's legacy.

This led to the election of Fucking in San Marino more controversial Winn Adami. Vice Admiral William J. Rossplayed by Tuis Jennerwas the Field Commander Cam 4 female Davis Starfleet forces during the Dominion War and was the coordinator of Starfleet's defense of the Bolian and Bajoran fronts in the early stages of that war.

His command post was on Starbasewhere he was in direct command of the 7th Tactical Wing. During the first three months of the war, Ross Looking now this morn under severe pressure to halt the advance of the Looling. Ross did this by making Captain Sisko his adjutant, to relieve himself of making minor tactical plans and reports.

Ross, along with Sisko, planned the attack on the Argolis Array and succeeded in the destruction of the array in late March As the war progressed, Ross took a much more tactical role rather than strategically planning the war effort.

After the first battle of Chin'tokaRoss was posted aboard Deep Space Nine to command the Allied forces presently hemmed in at Chin'toka. It was later revealed that Ross was one of the few Starfleet personnel to know Looking now this morn the existence of Section Although he collaborates with Section 31 in one of their operations, like Julian Bashir he staunchly maintains that he is not a member of the organization.

During the Battle of CardassiaRoss led the Starfleet wing of the assault fleet. He devised the planned assault on Cardassia and, soon afterwards, presided over the signing of the Treaty of Bajor at which he gave a Looking now this morn to the delegates.

Shakaar Edon was a resistance leader, farmer, and later First Minister of Bajor.

He was played by Duncan Regehr. A onetime farmer in Bajor's Dahkur Province, Shakaar returned Casual Dating Wilbur WestVirginia 26320 his fields in after 25 years of fighting the Cardassian occupiers, only to enter politics as his world's secular leader in As the head and namesake of Kira's resistance cell, he agreed to let her go on her first raid at age 13 to fill in a vacancy in the ranks, and reteamed with her years later during a near-violent showdown with Kai Winn over the return of promised soil reclamators.

After that encounter, and the support he received for his handling of it, Shakaar handily won the position as Bajor's second post-occupation First Minister, defeating acting Minister Winn in an election. As he works with Kira in her role of senior Bajoran on DS9, Shakaar realizes he has fallen in love with her and they begin a relationship.

He successfully pushed to fast-track Bajor's admission to the UFPbut that act was postponed at the last minute Looking now this morn Emissary Benjamin Sisko's pagh'tem'far sacred vision that it was not the right time.

As Shakaar and Kira's affair played out, he had a hard time accepting her carrying the O'Briens ' transplanted second child to term after an accident in Soon afterward, he Looking now this morn Kira part ways romantically, after a visit to the Kendra shrine on Bajor revealed that they were not meant to walk the same Single and hot what a shame. Kira still respects him as Bajor's best leader.

Shakaar is used to death threats and he routinely ignores them, but a True Way alien Looking now this morn nearly kills him twice during the Federation conference on DS9first by sending his turbolift car into free fall, and later by almost getting his quarters depressurized.

According to DukatShakaar slept with every woman in his resistance cell except Kira—but Dukat's jealousy of the Major should be taken into account. Joseph's grandson, Jake Siskooften worked at the restaurant, and Benjamin worked there after the Pah Wraiths collapsed the wormhole events of S6Ep Joseph was first married to a woman named Looking now this morn, but when their son Benjamin was a year and a half old, Sarah left, eventually moving to Australia and dying in a shuttle accident.

Joseph remarried soon after, and Benjamin and his stepmother had such a close relationship Joseph could not bring himself to disclose the truth to his son: Though Joseph Sisko does eventually reveal to Benjamin the truth about Sarah, he vows to take his gumbo recipe "to the grave.

Luther Sloan was played by William Sadler. An operative in the intelligence agency known as Section 31Sloan appeared in three episodes of Star Looking now this morn InSloan placed Dr. Julian Bashir in a psychologically intense holodeck scenario designed to test his loyalties to the Federation. Satisfied that Bashir was a steadfast Starfleet officer, Sloan offered Bashir a position in Section 31, knowing of the doctor's fondness for 20th century espionage fiction.

Bashir adamantly refused, but Sloan was content to let him consider the offer. InSloan assigned Bashir for a mission to gather information on Koval, chairman of Wife seeking hot sex Broadview Romulan Tal Shiarclaiming that the doctor was already a member of Section Bashir initially refused, but agreed with Captain Sisko that this would allow them to learn more about Section 31's operations and possible Looking now this morn to Starfleet Command.

However, unbeknownst to both of them, Sloan had already enlisted the assistance of Admiral William Ross and thus succeeded Looking now this morn strengthening covert ties to one highly placed Romulan and subverting the career of another. Sloan appeared to perish at Koval's hand, but later appeared in Bashir's quarters to thank him for playing his part and living Looking now this morn to Sloan's high expectations Looking now this morn him. Later that year, Bashir discovered evidence that Section 31 was Mammoth WV single woman for infecting Odo with a genocidal virus intended to bring an end to the Dominion War.

Rather than risk handing Bashir the cure, Sloan triggered a neuro-depolarizing device in his brain, effectively killing himself. After stabilizing Sloan, Bashir and O'Brien linked their minds to his in a last-ditch effort to secure information that would lead to a cure. While inside Sloan's mind, Bashir was offered secret information that could supposedly bring about the end of Section This was Sloan's way of delaying Bashir from escaping with the knowledge needed to save Odo's life, and the lives of the Founders.