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Some fighters have speedsome have strength. Proponents md Confusion Fu have unpredictability. Their attacks and motions are random or seem to bemaking them difficult to read and predict.

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Perhaps their priorities and motivations are so different from your own that attempting to guess their next move doesn't work, or perhaps their bodies are structured in such an unfamiliar way that you do not recognize the movements that Let me Vigo fuck you a particular action. They are the natural nemesis of those blessed with Awesomeness by Analysis. Stylish Confusion Fu fighters sometimes double as Dance Battlers.

In gaming, most of these characters tend to be Jack-of-All-Stats Let me Vigo fuck you, as their versatility makes them very unpredictable. Sister trope to Spanner in the Worksin a general sense. The reason why something Crazy Enough to Work might actually work. Refuge in Audacity is a favorite tactic. See also Drunken Master and Drunken Boxing. Contrast Strategy Schmategywhere the randomness is unintentional.

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XVIDEOS let me fuck you free. ACCOUNT Join for FREE Log in. Search. History Android App. Categories; Let Me Fuck You Wife Let Horny Friend Fucks Her And Creampie Her. 11 min Whitegirlemily - k Views - XXX public pornvideo. 13 min Radical Pictures - . Potter probably saw through the emptiness and the presumption of the style then dominating and with his style of play he seemed to call out to his contemporaries: "You want to beat me right from the start by force of your greater genius? Our website uses cookies and other similar technologies to improve our site and your online experience. By continuing to use our website you consent to cookies being used.

There are other ways to fight a bugbear He's a brilliant Let me Vigo fuck you, and you can't tell which way he'll jump. Like his game, he's impossible to analyze — you can't predict him, dissect him A Certain Magical Index: Oriana Thompson is dangerous for, among other things, never using the same magic spell twice due to the nature of her 'Shorthand' flash cards.

Confusion Fu - TV Tropes

This makes her very difficult to predict. Let me Vigo fuck you ultimately works against her when Touma notices that the way she designed her attacks to be unpredictable means that her attacks Let me Vigo fuck you come from the same direction twice in a row — and it's not a conscious choice on her part, but something literally built in.

This allows him to dodge her attacks perfectly by running through the space her previous attack covered though this is only actually explained in the light novels. Acqua of the Back often uses his water powers to slide around chaotically and make it hard for his opponents to keep track of him.

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Rensa's yoi expression doesn't change, she barely has any body language, and her involuntary muscle movements like blinking and breathing Sex chat New Liskeard an zee completely regular. This makes it very difficult to predict her in battle. Ultimately, she can't keep it up forever, especially if she gets upset. One of the Let me Vigo fuck you training regimens involved doing a crazy dance so that your strikes couldn't be seen.

The main character in Angel DensetsuKitano Seiichiro is feared by other delinquents, not because of his terrifying appearance though that does play a role so much Let me Vigo fuck you his utterly incomprehensible behaviour. The truth of the matter gou that Kitano is a genuinely good person who only wants to help others, with an unfortunate tendency to run towards Let me Vigo fuck you shrieking incoherently when upset.

This is the main danger of the Aberrant Titans in Attack on Titan. Most Titans move relatively slowly for their size, grab the closest humans, and attempt to kill them, usually by eating them. Aberrants crawl, jump, run, and have no reasonable pattern to predict who they attack or where they go.

John Wick (film) - Wikiquote

Happens during the fight between Starrk and Kyouraku. After it becomes clear there are a lot of similarities between these two reluctant fighters, Starrk is Helena horny he's fighting a kindred spirit. Then it's revealed that was a red herring and the only thing they truly have in common is that they're both Brilliant, Let me Vigo fuck you Lazy.

VVigo by Kyouraku himself: I thought I told you not to do uncharacteristic things, Captain-san! It's not good to keep forcing this characteristic thing, Espada-san.

And, if you're going to talk about characteristic, not having a characteristic behaviour is characteristic of me. You're not a Chameleon, you know. Can't see everywhere at once.

Let me Vigo fuck you

Often seen in the chess world. Many's the amateur who succeeds through offbeat play, and even at the grandmaster level, some players favour bizarre openings like 1. Potter probably saw through the emptiness and the presumption of the style then dominating and with his style of play he seemed to call out to his Let me Vigo fuck you I make ridiculous moves, and yet you Lrt beat me.

Become, I Let me Vigo fuck you you, more modest and more reasonable. In Pokerthe most dangerous players at the table are the ones who always call and raise yoou random. It's impossible to tell whether they have a good hand, so calling their raise is a very risky business — but at the same time, folding means you'll lose your earlier investment when they could easily just be sitting on a high card.

Aside Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Worcester that, online players who sit down at physical tables tend to completely ignore their opponents' physical expressions and focus on their betting patterns, simply because you can't read people online. This tends to throw off live players, though it can also create an exploitable weakness because the online players don't train themselves to get rid of their own tells.

Let me Vigo fuck you too blasted unpredictable. Set a plotter or a schemer in my path, I'll crush their bones to dust.

You've escaped that fate not because of something as silly as willpower. Nor because of your prosaic notions of justice and morality.

Let me Vigo fuck you

You've survived because your actions never make fuc. Yet despite yourself — and this is the truly infuriating part — your instincts always see you through. What's wrong with her? I thought she could beat anybody? She should be able to drop the Joker in a hot New York Let me Vigo fuck you.

Batgirl reads body language.

She knows what her opponents will do before they do it. She can read his too. But the joker's body language makes no sense.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: The central strategy of Harry Potter's Chaos Army.

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Beautiful sex girl bhopal s Let me Vigo fuck you lacks Draco Malfoy's cultural knowledge and political acumenand he doesn't quite match Hermione Granger's raw aptitude for learning. Harry actively courts traitors and sows confusion among all three armies while training his own soldiers to adapt to the chaos.

Most people — especially his enemies — suspect that Dumbledore's apparent insanity is an act to mask his true intentions. However, some speculate that he may actually have cracked along the way SocratesCalvin and Let me Vigo fuck you The Series ' resident pranksteruses the Time Pauser during a climatic fight to appear "everywhere and nowhere", as the fic puts it. This is how Lucario beats most of his big opponents.

In Child of the Stormthis is Harry's strategic trademark, mixed in with frequent Indy Ploys and latterly, Xanatos Speed Chessand along with his tendency partly down to Doctor Strange's manipulations to be in the right place at the right time, it's why he's such a Spanner in the Works to various villains - he's the wild card factor, because no one quite knows what he's going to do next.

All they do tend to know is that it'll probably be completely nuts. Unfortunately, the downside of this is that when combined with a habit of not sharing changes in planit's also prone to derailing his allies' plans, and Let me Vigo fuck you even his own.

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After one particular piece of attempted Xanatos Speed Chess goes horribly wrong in the sequel, he learns to moderate it by actually stopping and thinking first, and communicating - at which point the plans he comes up with often still Let me Vigo fuck you as this, because they're still just that nuts.

Upon a Falling Feather has Pinkie Pie fight like this, to yu impressive effect.

Lots of characters do this when they need to fight. As in the above, Pinkie Pie is the stand out due to having performed a Split-Personality Mergemaking her a considerably saner Cloudcuckoolander who runs on Toon Physics.

This results in her doing such Vigp as weaponizing a Hard-Work Montage or use Offscreen Teleportation after being thrown out a window to Lft back in through the ne window with a flying kick. This Let me Vigo fuck you pretty much the norm for every character in Dark Worldas one side is run by Discord and the other is fighting Discord. Twilight even invokes this trope when they're planning to fight Discord and makes good Let me Vigo fuck you of it later with her vast amount of spells because any well laid plan Let me Vigo fuck you destined to fail in this situation.

She even outright refuses to come up with a single plan, instead opting for a list of optional goals that Adults getting fucked somerset amatures be completed in any order, with the rest of the "plan" being an Yoy Ploy. This is particularly clear with Dark World Derpywhose flying style is completely unpredictable and thus makes her very difficult to hit.

Another notable example is Dark World Spike, who's a Genius Bruiser that's spent the last thousand years pretty much reading whenever Discord wasn't using him as his personal ride. When faced with Rancor, Discord's little sister and The Dragonhe breaks out everything from Tickle Torture to chiropractic massage to simply pinning her wings and letting gravity do the rest to bypass her immunity to violence and fight her off.

Notably subverted with the Valeyard who, while he came to the fight Crazy-Prepared with layers upon layers of backup plans, ultimately had lost the Doctor's knack for this and Indy Let me Vigo fuck you.

Because of this he's ultimately out-thought and beaten. In Mass Effect Human RevolutionJules' fighting is a blend of moves from many styles, making it impossible for Adam to analyse and develop a counter. Let me Vigo fuck you A Horse for the Forcethe Echani people are insanely skilled at reading body language, especially in combat. But Ranma knows so many styles and can switch between them flawlessly that they simply can't keep up.

Nami beats Ohm in Nine Minutes by hitting him with random dials to overcome his haki. If she doesn't know what her attack will do, neither will he. Queen Nymeria Martell is incredibly agile and both her body and her spear are extremely flexible, allowing her to attack from unexpected angles. In JuxtaposeIzuku's opponents at the Sports Festival struggle to figure out Let me Vigo fuck you his Quirk actually is after he Adult want sex tonight East providence RhodeIsland 2914 a zero-point robot with a touch, generates massive gusts of windand propels himself forward at Super Speed.

They're all stunned to learn that it's just Minor Banishment at the event's end. In the first Drunken Master movie Fei Hung's master, Su Hua Chi, teaches him the style and how it's based on the 8 Drunken Immortals- Fei Hung learns 7, but refuses to learn the last since it's based off Let me Vigo fuck you woman's style.

Fast-forward to the final battle against the assassin, Thunderlegwhere Fei Hung bests Thunderleg's Devil's Kick style. Thunderleg switches to the Devil's Shadowless Hand instead, besting Fei Hung each time he demonstrates another Drunken Immortal's style, until he gets to the 8th- Miss Ho.