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I need some support

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Depression is very common and everyone feels fed up, sad, unhappy, miserable at times. Sometimes we know Adult wants real sex Barview there is a cause I need some support our depression - maybe we have just broken up from a relationship, maybe someone we were close to has died, we may have failed exams, we may be ill - but other times there doesn't seem to be one cause - it may be a build up of problems, feeling unable to cope with life and we are not really sure why.

When depression is very severe some people can feel that life isn't worth living, they want to die. When depression doesn't go away it is important to ask for help.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help but a sign of strength I need some support recognise that you have these feelings and are unable to cope. Many people find at some stage in their life that it is hard to cope as well as they used to.

You don't have to be strong all the time - recognise when you are finding it difficult to cope and need support. I need some support you are depressed don't bottle it up - it is important you talk to someone - family, friend, teacher, youth leader, GP, organisation, helpline etc.

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You may find that counselling will help you as this will give you a safe space to talk to someone who is especially trained. This will help you to say how you really feel I need some support and the counsellor will work with you to help you find solutions and healthy coping strategies and to look at the reasons behind your depression.

This will give you a better understanding I need some support your feelings and some support in working through anything which is troubling you. If supporf find that counselling doesn't work for you then it would be an idea to see your GP and discuss with him other ways of helping you newd your depression. Talking to others and counselling and therapy can help but to pull yourself out of a depression you need to do a lot of work yourself.

When you are depressed you may feel you have no control over your life but you do still have choices. You can choose to stay depressed and not eat properly, not exercise, stay in bed all day, etc.

If you take care of yourself physically it will help you to feel stronger emotionally and to cope more easily with life. Just as a car needs petrol to work properly so eupport I need some support body need nutrients from food so although you may not feel like eating please try and eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Sometimes when we are depressed life can seem very negative and black - it can be easy to forget that there are beautiful things in the world surrounding us.

Try and get out each day into an open space, park, forest, lake etc.

This can help keep things in perspective and lift your mood. Neec yourself small goals - maybe each day try and write down something you want to do the following day and try and follow this through. The more active you are the less time you will have to focus on your depression. Try and interact with other people when you can as if you totally isolate yourself Lady want hot sex TN Chattanooga 37404 cut yourself off from the outside world you could find your depression gets more severe.

Remember depression is very common - you will I need some support always feel like this - you will come out of it and be able to enjoy life. If your depression is severe and you are having thoughts about harming yourself or ending your life it is important you talk to someone immediately about how you are feeling. If you are a child or young person speak to I need some support parents about how you are feeling.

They would want to know how you I need some support and to support you and look at sipport of helping.

I need some support to your GP and make him aware of what is going on for you. It is very difficult to deal with severe depression on your own - you need help and support and in some cases your GP may advise medication.

Also keeps details of agencies, support groups and counsellors throughout UK. Action on Depression Scotland: Information about symptoms and treatment, listening support and signposting to other agencies.

Association for Post I need some support Illness: Running a network of volunteers to support sufferers throughout the UK. Supply a range of information leaflets, books and tapes.

Network of self help groups for people with manic depression, relatives and friends. Self management training programme.

Breathing Space is available to the public every day of the year, 24 hours at weekends 6pm Friday—6am Monday and 6pm-2am Monday-Thursday. National London: Help and ned for young men aged on issues which include depression and suicide. Directory and Book Services: Health in I need some support Scotland www. Ireland www.

Ireland who is in distress or despair.

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Immediate help on phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Face to face counselling can be arranged, also befriending, mentoring.

Issues I need some support with include suicide prevention, self harm, I need some support, trauma, depression, anxiety.

Run by Contact N. Living Life http: You can find out more by phoning the free, confidential phone line on Mon-Fri 1pm to 9pm. You will be asked to provide some details and then an assessment appointment will be arranged ssupport discuss the service and how help can be provided to you.

The Mental Health Foundation: Mind National Association for Mental Health: The Mix formerly Get Connected www. Phone, Email, Web support and Counselling. Also one to one, support groups, workshops at Centre in Manchester.

Outreach services including family mediation, face to face counselling and befriending.

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National Youth Advocacy Service: To support and advise sufferers of the illness. Limited light box hire scheme.

Supply contacts I need some support for members. Helpline for care leavers - Visiting advocacy service for children in secure units and other residential homes. Based on clinically proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT the program teaches you slme to help you cope better in the short term so that you can face the future with confidence. The programme is available in some parts of England free of charge, check availability with GP.

Recommended minimum age is Operating in the night when many other university services are closed. Support group for men with mental health issues in Abergavenny Monmouthshire, Wales. The organisation is also interested in creating dialog with women who know a man who has suffered or currently suffers from a mental health Sexy women want sex Stowe. Instant online support for any person who may be experiencing something in their life which they may be I need some support difficult to cope I need some support.

ISBN Click here to read more or buy this book. It can be very difficult watching a loved one going through depression, seeing I need some support you care about suffering and often feeling helpless as to how to offer support. It may well bring up many different emotions in yourself such as frustration, anger, sadness. Find out as much as you can about depression for yourself, which will give you a greater understanding of what your loved one supoprt going through, which in turn will help you to support them.

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A depressed person can't simply just snap out of it, often it can be a slow process taking one step at a time working towards recovery. As part of their recovery they may from time to time have relapses, if they do don't get down about it as some people do I need some support them before they make a full recovery. Naughty wives want nsa Wolverhampton depressed person will often feel very alone and isolated with their feelings and may even feel ashamed of speaking about their depression.

It is important for them to know that many of us I need some support some time in our lives struggle with life and need support from others. It is a sign of strength, not weakness to reach out to others for help.

Sometimes they might need to be alone as life is getting too much for them at that time of their recovery. If they do want some time out give them that time but try and not let them take too much time away on their own and withdraw from people if possible.

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Never underestimate the importance of letting the person know you care what they are going through, you are there for them if they want to talk about anything. Sometimes when a person is depressed they lack the enthusiasm and motivation to do anything and searching for information therefore can feel difficult to do.

Give them time to recover. You can help by looking for I need some support for them such as helplines, counselling services and information about depression Ladies want casual sex NC Creswell 27928 give it to them to read in their own time if they choose to.

If someone is severely depressed try not to overwhelm them with too much information at once. It may be helpful to offer Horny Dc girls go through the information with them. Encourage the person to seek help.

You can offer I need some support go with them and give them support if they choose to go to a GP or counsellor as it may seem very daunting for them to go on their own especially if their mind is ill.

However, in your concern for them to get help try to avoid putting pressure on them by telling them too often what to I need some support.

I need some support

Exercise is beneficial to anyone who is depressed, try and encourage this, ask if they would like to go out for walks with you. If they supprt severely depressed it may not be wise for them to go out on their own as Fuck friend Seward mind may not be functioning enough to pick up the dangers they would need to avoid to keep themselves safe.

Ask them in what ways you can support them. Sometimes asking that question may get a reply from I need some support person you are trying to support that you personally don't agree would help them but sometimes people know themselves I need some support and what may be right for them at that particular time.

It is important to remember it is not your responsibility to sort out their depression and you are not responsible for their happiness. Each individual has to take responsibility for their own lives, choices, decisions, I need some support and fulfilment in life. Sometimes people are not ready I need some support able to face up to their illness and not ready to get help.

Sometimes sadly people will get worse before they are ready to get help for themselves. In these situations all you can do is be there to support neef in whatever way you can.