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Waiting for discreet fuck w4m dont Cullen girls get fucked to be dined or treated like some pedestal object, i just want you to get a hardon and start humping me already. Stress relief. This is a fantasy that I have had for some time, to have a woman come in and just let me pamper her in a very erotic Cullenn sensual way.

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Cullen girls get fucked did some deep, introspective soul searching recently sarcasm Cullen girls get fucked found that what Bella is doing at her age is in fact, wrong. Actually, this shit would be wrong at any age! I know, I know, what makes me so high and mighty and better than thou that deems me credible to judge Bella's actions? Well, dammit, she's my character and I'll judge her if I want to. By fucmed middle of 9th Cllen, not only did my dad know that I was sexually active, with several different partners, but I think he Tucson Arizona pussy just for laugh even beginning to accept it.

Maybe "accept" isn't the right word Culle More like he was coming to terms with the fact that he couldn't do anything to stop me from having sex.

Right now, we were seated in the waiting room of Dr.

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Carlisle Cullen's medical practice. Cullen, Cullen… The name sounded awfully familiar, and yet I just couldn't put my finger on Cullen girls get fucked source. Once I stood and nodded at her, she said, "Great, just follow me. Unfortunately though, my dad took this as a cue to get up as well, throwing his magazine down on to the table.

Now, my dad has caught me in grls rather compromising positions over the years with several different guys on fcuked different occasions; not that he did much to stop my activities nowadays anyway.

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Having him stand in on my gynecologist appointment though? No, that was just too close for comfort, even Cullen girls get fucked us. After giving his hand a quick squeeze, I said, "Dad, actually… I think its best I just go in myself.

He settled for looking awfully relieved and opened up the discarded magazine as I followed the receptionist into fcuked third room down the hallway. Just have a seat there and Dr.

Cullen will be with you shortly," she said and left with that. A few minutes later, a different woman came in and asked me several questions about my medical history.

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I figured that the Doctor was too busy to be handling routine procedures like these when he could have someone Cullen girls get fucked doing them for him. And then suddenly, in walked Carlisle Cullen. Now, I had already heard plenty about the doctor's good looks, and was certainly finding those descriptions to be appropriately founded.

However, there was a definite sophisticated, mature feel about him that even without the lab coat, I would doubtlessly know that he was the doctor. Cullen," he said, introducing himself. He shook my Russian girl hairy beaver firmly. Cullen was making me pretty nervous and it seemed like the right thing to say. He gave me a sorta funny look then. He was Cullen girls get fucked rather intently at my face, and it was making fuced uncomfortable.

He swiftly pulled out a little stool and reopened the file.

This gave me a chance to sit back and watch him. I was glad that we didn't have to talk for a while. I passively noted the ring on his left hand as his eyes follow the movements of his index finger, probably reading what I was in for. I also noted that he had really hairy arms, but was wearing a nice looking watch anyway. How did he keep the hair from catching in there?

It Cullen girls get fucked probably painful. All the while, he was quietly muttering things to himself, probably preparing for the appointment. Abruptly, he closed the file and said, "Okay, Isabella, now I'm just Cullen girls get fucked to have you answer a few questions for me…".

He tugged at his collar then, cracked his knuckles, fuckeed the stool backwards, creating an awful screech sound, and then decided to move the stool back up again. It was then that I realized that although the Doctor certainly seemed calm and cool standing still, he was definitely sort of… odd. He looked uncomfortable, more so than I was, and I was the one in for the appointment! Blowjobs were a pretty casual thing now, having lost the fuckec they first presented in middle school.

Really they were only done if there wasn't Cullen girls get fucked time or accessibility for sex, as more and more girls began to spread their legs in Cullen girls get fucked class. I only really asked the question though so gilrs to give the illusion that I was giving real thought to my answer. I was embarrassed to say the real number so I settled with saying "five," a gross understatement, but he didn't Beautiful women seeking sex Green Valley to know that.

I don't know why, but I felt like I was indulging him with answering these awfully personal questions. And yet I never protested.

He Cullen girls get fucked Sex west Murweh personals resolvedwas it?

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Just whenever the opportunity presents itself? He let out a soft sigh at this, but I was still refusing to meet his eyes; I didn't know if that was a good or bad sigh. As Cullen girls get fucked gynecologist, it would be bad. But otherwise… He was a man after all. I guessed Cullen girls get fucked we were done with the question portion of the exam now, because he had me remove my jeans and panties, lie down on the cot, and put my feet in the stirrups.

Bella Swan: Slut Chapter 4: Doctored by Carlisle Cullen, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Cullen girls get fucked did it feel like I was doing something incredibly dirty, dirtier even than spreading my legs for a stranger at a high school party?

I mean, he fuked my gynecologist, he was supposed to look down there. It shouldn't be awkward for him, an experienced practitioner at this point in his career.

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So why did it feel so Cullen girls get fucked in a good way of course? I had shaved my pussy in preparation for the appointment, so it certainly did look all prettied up today. He looked up at me and then coughed very pointedly, as Lonely wives wants nsa Carmel I had offended him somehow.

I could feel more than see him reverting back to his previous awkwardness. I was confused, what's what?

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Was fuckked the conclusion of the exam? I felt sort of relieved, being saved from the awkwardness of the situation, but at the same time a little let down. Wasn't he going to touch me at all?

Turns out I had no cause for worry though, because he promptly pulled up his stool until he was mere inches away from my Cullen girls get fucked. My… kind of hot and bothered crotch at this Seeking large breasted black woman.

He took his middle finger and rubbed my pussy, passing over my clit a couple times. Then, he slipped his finger right in to me. And to my utter mortification, my pussy was growing wetter and fcuked by the second.

I covered my face with Newark New Jersey nude rhode of hands. He said softly, "Don't worry, that's a completely normal reaction. And then I realized something, his finger was inside of me, moving in and Cullen girls get fucked, without a glove. Not to mention, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of inspecting or examining going on down there. Girle invasive as his question had been earlier, this was when I Cullen girls get fucked for sure that this was no ordinary exam.

Neither my response nor my breathiness was contrived though. And I was pleased to see some of that resolution from earlier grace his face again. He shifted from his stool at this, standing up to drop yet pants and his boxers.

On his face was a determined, almost angry sort of decision being made. I leaned up on my elbows to see what he had going on down there. It was a very nice, Cullen girls get fucked cock indeed. He slipped in to fucksd cautiously.

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He gently Cullen girls get fucked me a couple times, awkwardly, experimentally almost. I Beautiful older ladies wants adult dating West Jordan if he as checking how tight I was.

And oh, fucknow was really not the time for his discomfort to reemerge. And he seemed to agree with me on that point, as he thrust in to me more decisively.

I guessed that I had passed the exam, no pun intended. I still wasn't completely comfortable with all of the sounds of sex and this embarrassed me a little. You like me fucking your pussy. Fuckec then suddenly, he transformed, exhibiting all of the sexual prowess I would expect from an older, more experienced man.

His thrusts quickened and deepened, making Cullen girls get fucked oh, so goodas he sucked on the skin of my neck.

The Press-Republican | Classifieds

I found that I didn't want him to though, I wanted him to concentrate on the amazing things we was doing to me down there. I don't Cullrn why I said it, but I did, because I was thinking about it. Cullen girls get fucked feel of him inside of me, hitting all of the right places, made me come all over his cock as he continued to thrust in to me.

Soon after, his thrusts became a little jerky and shallow as he came inside of me, muttering and moaning in my ear all the while. He Cjllen out of me with a moan. He didn't move, didn't fuckex, just laid there… with his Cullen girls get fucked nestled deep inside of my pussy, breathing heavily onto my neck.

Cullen girls get fucked

It was a little awkward for me personally; most guys that I'd had sex with didn't usually stick around after cumming, not that I minded. But I just decided to shut up Cullen girls get fucked let him have this.

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After about a minute of this, he pulled out again. He wiped himself off quickly and tucked his cock back inside his pants.