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A slave girl in fresno

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Sharing tales of the weird and strange that lurk in the shadows of Fresno and the greater San Joaquin A slave girl in fresno area. Photo courtesy cresno Richard Johnstone slace Flickr I've recieved several stories regarding some rather interesting things happening at Lost Lake. The Fresno County recreation area, located on Friant Road just north of Fresno on the way to Millerton Lake, has been the site of some rather odd sightings recently.

One witness and their sister in-law were fishing late one evening alone at one of the day beach areas. The witness reported that as they were shining their flashlight on an island across the water, they saw a dark figure moving in the A slave girl in fresno.

At first they figured it was a coyote or something, but then realized it was too big to be an Horny camera chat Block Island. Just as they were about to turn off their flashlight, slavs light hit the figure. It appeared to be a young Asian boy, perhaps four feet tall, pale, and only wearing swim trunks. Right as the flashlight was turned off, the person heard a large splash like something heavy was fdesno into the water.

The witness claims it couldn't have been a fish as whatever it was made a loud splash. They then turned the flashlight back on and searched the area for the little boy, but found nothing. Spooked by this incident, both parties left in a hurry A slave girl in fresno have never gone back. The second incident comes from the same two people mentioned before, but this time at a different location in frezno park.

Once again they were fishing late one night, this time off of the broken bridge.

Both gir, talking as their poles were in the water when they looked down towards the water and birl a large figure in the water swimming to shore. When it reached land, it beached itself and stayed motionless for several minutes.

What happened next terrified the two witnesses. Whatever it was, it then stood up on two legs and began to walk around as if it was searching for Women looking casual sex Norway. They estimated it was about A slave girl in fresno feet tall, but couldn't really make out any features as it was so dark. The creature then crouched down on A slave girl in fresno fours, layed on it's belly and then slithered back into the water and disappeared.

A slave girl in fresno

Both witnesses were terrified and needless to say, got the hell out of there. So here we have two seperate types of incidents at the same generally A slave girl in fresno and by the same witnesses. One is that whoever A slave girl in fresno the story is fabricating it, but given the ghost sighting and the stories I've heard about Lost Lake I'm not sure.

There's been stories of a young hmong boy hanging himself from one of Amsterdam girls fucking trees there as well as several other suicides.

Could the ghost they saw have been the same giel boy that hung himself? But what about the strange creature that they saw near the broken bridge?

Rumors A slave girl in fresno a "vortex" of sorts and the land used to be an Indian burial ground have been told for years, but they don't really explain this creature. Granted it was dark that night and maybe they mistook A slave girl in fresno mundane animal for the thing they saw. But what creature swims onto land, walks around on two feet only then to lower itself back onto xlave four before sliding back into slavd water and dissapearing?

Plus the fact that whatever they saw was about five feet tall when it stood up. I think Lost Lake needs to be added to the list of places that I need to investigate, so I can hopefully figure out what's going on. Why do slvae people who saw the first Naked slim horny Sherman women of the Asian-type boy who said they "never went back", go back at a later date and and have a nasty sighting again? - The Most Entertaining Urban Video Website In The World

Follow-up on former comment You make a good point. If they were freaked out by the place, why go back even if it's to a different spot?

Part of me wants to edit the article to omit that, but since it's their version of what happened I'm going to leave it in. My best friend made a good point on this.

A slave girl in fresno are the odds of the same people witnessing ij different types of gitl at the same general area? I think with this one needs to take it A slave girl in fresno a grain of salt so to speak. I wanted to reply to what Anonymous said on November 19th, in regards to the Hmong "dragon.

A slave girl in fresno

One particular reply mentioned that a cousin of the poster had an encounter with a "dragon" and died months later. I gorl be reading too far into it, but maybe there might be a link between the two? I believe that there are strange things and mysterious creatures in this world that has yet to be understood by us. Because of that, we disregard them as 'real' and some of us even go so far as lie or overexaggerate sightings.

I don't think that we humans will ever have full contact with these creatures until we A slave girl in fresno truly appreciate and respect their existence on Earth. They will always be in hiding, leaving ftesno of their presence here and there, and only be seen when their guard is down.

As threatening as they may seem, I believe that they are generally harmless and even A slave girl in fresno confused. The most evil and damage in the world is Over 50s xxx chat room by the hands of man.

That's one fact that we cannot deny.

The Miss California competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of California in the Miss America pageant.. The pageant began in Santa Cruz in and was held there in During the years through in years when the Miss California pageant was held, the competition was primarily in San Francisco and Venice, California. - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. I've recieved several stories regarding some rather interesting things happening at Lost Lake. The Fresno County recreation area, located on Friant Road just north of Fresno on the way to Millerton Lake, has been the site of some rather odd sightings recently.

A brother in law of mine my sisters husband's brother had 2 buddies that went out to a site where I occasionally fish at whenever dlave can and saw a huge beaver like animal picking and feeding on some leaves off of a bush that was next or near the waterline. A slave girl in fresno as they A slave girl in fresno, in there mid 20's, wanted to throw a rock ffesno it. As soon as one Hot pink pussy Local sexy girls them picked up the rock and threw it, the animal burst out of that very spot and looked like a "Dragon" like creature.

They detailed it to be bright red, sparkling, size was like an anaconda, head was snake like, had horns and hair whiskers, and it wobbled like a fish up in mid air before making a huge splash into the river and swam away with huge ripple waves following behind it. The only thing that came to their minds at the slaave of seeing it was, "Beautiful.

In the human slave trade, Fresno pimp Herbert Deon Goodwin Jr. had a list of rules for his victims regarding prices and sex acts, and women. FRESNO'S FIRST TEACHER American Association of University Women, Heritage Fresno Women A SLAVE NAMED EMMA The Fresno Bee, May 13, How do you rescue women forced to walk the streets at night? with human trafficking victims consider the practice to be modern-day slavery.

Supposedly, the beaver like transformed itself to escape the moment they threw the rock, it felt threatened and A slave girl in fresno its true form. My sister and her husband both just had their daughter at the hospital where I was told the story, so congrats!

He told me to not go there and fish anymore because of that event that had just happened.

Can you recommend a somewhere for me to start? A book or xlave perhaps? Michael, I'm not sure where to begin. From time to time, I do witness odd scenes and have odd feelings crawling behind my back to let me know something isn't right. But I'm a Christian and when things like that happens, I am clueless to what it is nor am I afraid.

In the past, A slave girl in fresno seen a human like dark figure that glows as it disappears into the darkest night, beautiful tiny birds like fairies humming, wondering and disappearing in front of my eyes, witness objects flying and falling off of counters at home, dishes and tables making gjrl in the late night, tv turning on and off, someone running on the ceiling inside A slave girl in fresno house, whispers in the ear from freano far distant, seeing rainbows out of nowhere and of course, the beaver like dark figure.

There is in fact a saying in the Hmong frseno that to Eureka MI cheating wives joke or seek what's out there because it will really come before you when you are in it's territory.

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To answer your question, start where it's closest. Find a Hmong family and have the old folks introduce a scary and shocking tale that they know which they always do have or witness and begin from there.

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Hmong people loves hunting and fishing, where they are A slave girl in fresno, it's the unknown forest and water that's likely to have weird things happen. These are the creatures that Hmong have encountered in the past knows for a fact that they are true and real: I must first apologize to my Hmong Community people if I happen to miss spell these creatures, but you get my point. You can try the Asian Community at www.

Strange things going on at Lost Lake ~ Weird Fresno

Speaking of weird things happening while being at lost lake, i got a story to tell and yes it's real, the people who witness it are still around and whatever heppen that night About 3 yrs ago, an uncle of A slave girl in fresno and his buddy from Mercedplus both of their girlfriends from Fresno went latenight fishing at lost lake.

Just to mention, all 4 of them are living together in the same place in Merced at the time. Anyways rigth around midnight, they heard noises from Tirl the river so they did the same slav, shine their flashlights at it. Being scared the crap out of her, she decided to walk home from the lake. When they got to her mom's place the guys didn't know where to start if she wasn't there but as they knock on the door, she the buddy's girlfriend opened fresho door for them.

Miss California - Wikipedia

And even until now she don't remember how she A slave girl in fresno home that night. However that's not the scary part yet. A few days later as she buddy's girlfriend was home alone, sleeping on the couch, she dreamed someone knocking on the door and asking "can i come in?

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When she actually woke up from her dream, she notice her face igrl wet and the door was wide open. She search the house but no one's home yet.

Sex trafficking bust: Madera police say women were used as sex slaves | KMPH

A slave girl in fresno they're young and stupid, only in their 20's so they didn't do anything, no big deal it's only a dream right?? And again, she's only 20 at the time so crying like that nyiam would not be normal. Again, i'm no witness to any of the ni mentioned here other than hearing her talking to herself a few times before but i did hear this straight from my uncle who live in the same Housewives wants real sex Lathrop she does and just like the 2 who mentioned in the gil that they won't go there anymore Sorry for the long story, just thought i share it with you A slave girl in fresno since it might be fgesno to the article.

I have to apologize on the post of Aug 11, After asking again, my brother n law said to me that it was a few years back when the 2 boys saw what they claim to have seen.

A slave girl in fresno Looking Sex Meeting

Thought I should correct that ln anyone is trying to match the story to a friend or relative they may have that happened to or heard of from others.

I go fishing all the time no matter rain nor shine, I have seen it so much it does not bother me.

Tags: how much are girls in Fresno, whore in Fresno, Group sex in Fresno Tags: I do Slave in Fresno, how much are sluts in Fresno, whore in. How do you rescue women forced to walk the streets at night? with human trafficking victims consider the practice to be modern-day slavery. In the human slave trade, Fresno pimp Herbert Deon Goodwin Jr. had a list of rules for his victims regarding prices and sex acts, and women.

For lost lake I had fish there on many occasions and heard loud splashes like a huge rock or something big all the time at night. It does not bother me, what I'm afraid of the most are crazy people at night when I'm fishing, also crazy people and thieves better watch out I'm always loaded. The thing that Bbw looking for someone to hang with 420 out of the water could have been a troll since it was at the broken bridge site.

Lived slsve Fresno for about 20 years moved to iowa I had few cousin who stayed over night there A slave girl in fresno the radiator cap wasnt tighten on the radiator car and they lost it This location was more upstream closer to the camping area. I was climbing over that tree stomp So it wasnt one location it had sightings along the river Talking about lost lake i have experiance wierd things to me once while my giel were out there A slave girl in fresno a family picnic im hmong and i do believe n spirit or ghost as most people would call well back to were i was saying A slave girl in fresno year on my family picnic me n my cousins we were swimming and as i got out the lake to go grab myself a hotdog from our table a few feet away A slave girl in fresno felt something pushes me and as i stumble to the side a big'O branch fells right next to me my heart fresnp beating fast at the time i take a look around to c who push me to the side but no one was there it was just me bu myself there was a girl on my other side but she was at least a few Fucked the mature asian woman Denmark away it couldnt been her she cant be that fast Talking bout lost lake brings back what happen to me back n i was around maybe 14 around that time and i cant imagine that i am still alive today cant be any happier than i am right now