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I myself am attractive, I do have curves and that's the way I want to be. I have 3 tattoos and 9 piercings. Such a characterization is grossly unfair. Now a Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 is setting new priorities.

We are taking a closer look at our standards as we consider the fulfill- ment of our consumer demands in teims of the additional cost of protecting the environment. It is inevitable Houswives we are going to have to pay more for the same products and services. To reach reasonable ecological objectives is going to require time for an orderly transition, and, in many instances, the development of new technology through research and development.

Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 should keep wwants mind, too, that we require a healthy industry with steadily increasing production to support our population and to satisfy the aspirations of low- income people who are not yet sharing the benefits and the quality of life that results from upgraded skills, better jobs and higher incomes.

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People who manage our industries, by and large, are making a sincere and responsible effort to respond to society's new demands that we clean up and protect the environment.

A study released in May Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 the McGraw-Hill Economics Department concluded that "American in- dustry is definitely committed to a comprehensive pro- gram to improve our environment.

At the current annual spending rate, nearly five years will pass before industry catches up to Horny women in Alamogordo, NM present standards.

One com- pany, faced with orders to clean up its smoke emissions, chose to shift to an all-electric operation instead of using fossil fuel. The firm is now virtually non-polludng. The shredder is helping solve two urgent problems: An all-electric steel mill buys some of the pellets from the shredder operation and casts the metal into high- grade steel for building and manufacturing.

Because the mill is all-electric, it lacks the polluting smokestacks traditionally associated with steel mills. The company uses high grade, low sulphur coal to reduce emissions of sulphur o. Conducting these programs — and implementing the results — will be ex- pensive. Ultimately the consuming public must pay the bill. Knowing this, Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 should insist that priorities be set to assure that the most critical needs are met first.

If this order of priority is accepted and everyone is willing to contribute to its deselopment, our nation can tackle the problem in a systematic manner. If, however, we try to do everything at once, economic and legal chaos could very well result.

Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043

Huge sums of money could be spent without taking into proper account the benefits to be received. Laws and regulations concerning en- vironmental protection must reflect the practical and the possible, not the impractical, impossible dream of re- turning air and water to the purity that may have pre- vailed before the creation of man. As consumers and taxpayers, we are Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 a position to work with industry in its goal of abating pollution.

Since many of our problems are caused by sewage disposal systems of towns and cities, we can support and actively promote bond issues to provide modem facilities that avoid dumping raw sewage into streams and rivers. Inventive industry can provide the instruments required to do the job.

When viewed in the perspective of time, many of the charges and accusations have proved to be overstated. The report of Lake Erie's death, Housewive example, has been shown to be somewhat premature.

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The lessons of the past should teach us patience. Industry may not be able to reach the ideal goal as rapidly as some would wish or as cheaply as others desire.

However, the long and difficult Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 to a cleaner Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 has begun. Today, we find ourselves in a state of transition as goals and values which were accepted five years ago are changing. But, we all must realize that the solutions are within the NorthCarolian of possil ility in our economic system if we approach the problem in a rational manner.

The same ingenuity which gave birth to the flow of goods and services that daily enrich our lives is finding solutions to the pressing problems of our planet. The most extreme environmentalists would shut down Housewives wants nsa Farmersville California 93223 whole industrial economy to achieve a pristine en- vironment. Paul Lutz, who attended Alexznder environ- mental conference in Stockholm, Sweden. They don't mind if we want to practice environmental control, but they don't want us to tell them to do it, too.

Lutz represented the Women for sex in dayton tx Church as a member of a religious task force which hoped to have some input into the conference which was held under the auspices of the United Nations, but they were frus- trated in their attempt because the two delegates from each country voted along political lines.

The Forum Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 over Tlie Limits of Groictla book published by a group from MIT this spring which computerized man's ecological past and projected its future. Lutz, the studv found that if man continues as usual "we are in serious trouble. Political observers have noted a definite upswing this year in stiident involvement in campaigns.

Provisions have been made for some students to receive credit for their work through a workshop in practical politics which Dr.

Ohon, licad of the Political Science Department, discusses the upcoming election ivith three students: There's Angie Travis, a senior from Statesville, who works in Republican headquarters every Mondav and Wednesday afternoon from I do extra work in the dorm and attend rallies and Republican dinners and such. I love campaign work.

Byron is a native of Kansas where lie ran for the State House of Representatives two years ago he won in the priman' but lost in the general elec- tion. The father of three, the oldest of whom is in high school, he is a fuU-tiine Fling in New Rochelle this year.

Bvron's reasons for imoKement in tlie Revels cam- paign are many. I believe that Lonnie Revels as a member of tlie minority partv can be one of the needed tools bv which we can make progress.

Also, working in a campaign is an effective course in sociologv and Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 science, two areas in which I am especially interested. I'm also more aware of the community away from Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 school environment.

I go with him on campaign trips, and I worked for him at the Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 Fair handing out literature. Federation of College Re- publicans. At least ten hours of my week are spent in Women looking at cocks San bernardino parlor thursday headquarters where I learn the details of co- ordinating three campaigns.

I recruit volunteers, stuff envelopes, coordinate dinners, rallies, and shopping cen- ter projects. In a survey of students taking basic or introductory political science courses at UNC-G, 31 per cent favored George McGovem and nine per cent were undecided, according to Dr.

Olson, head of the UNC-G political science Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043. The bulk of the students polled were asked also their party preference. Of the queried, 49 per cent said they were Democrats; 27 per cent, Republicans; and 24 per cent, independent.

A nationwide Student Vote poll showed that Surveys of student-rich precincts during last spring's primary elections showed that stu- dents went to the polls in about the same proportion as the general electorate but tended to support McGovern more than the older voters did. Olson stressed that students on the UNC-G campus as well as in most southern universities reflect the conservative viewpoint of their middle class parents who have enough income to send their children to col- lege.

Remember that even during the radical student protests at Berkeley, less than five per cent of the student body was involved. Olson said that among students, as well as in the general population, many Democrats would be voting for Nixon.

Charles Newman of the Philosophy faculty is shown registering five students during a temporary registration on campus during the month of September. A total of 90 were registered by a student committee, spearheaded by Ron Bryson of Frank- lin, a junior majoring in Political Science. In the picture above, left to right, are: A project is currently underway to acquaint students with absentee voting procedures.

The South is Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 region where you have a rapidly changing party system in which the minority party is beginning to become a serious competitor for public offices. Olson estimated that approximately 90 per cent of the students polled were registered to vote prior to coming to school this fall, but he attributed that fact to well-organiz. Students, like the American population on the whole, aren't extremely aware of politics, according to Dr.

Politics to most people is a peripheral interest.

Most people read the sports pages first and the news pages second, if at all. The good thing about an election year is that it brings about connnunication between Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 politicians and the people. The average citizen listens and participates in the political process by voting.

Olson said of the recent student poll. It's just that hi'"s taken as the known and safe choice. Anne dropped out temporarily to join the member North Carolina Chamber Singers who spent several months last year touring Europe, giving over 50 con- certs in England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

It was good experience for any singer and Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 was a thrill to represent our country so to speak. They crossed Europe in rented Volkswagen busses. In one Swiss resort town, the people were so impressed with the chamber singers that they pro- vided them with accommodations in a first class resort hotel for several days. Anne aspires to a career in music, perhaps as a pro- fessional entertainer although she's a little wary of the demands such a career would make.

Her future includes graduate school and a return to Europe, per- haps to work but certainly to travel. Jean is part of a nation-wide trend in colleges and universities: According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, college officials estimate that there are close to 50, women over 30 on the nation's campuses this fall, about double attendance of a year ago.

The article noted the fact that last year, UNC-G R u married and looking women undergraduates over 28 years old, a 59 per cent Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 Women at Baxter bp four years for the Greensboro campus.

Jean, who hopes to receive her degree next year, e. I build my schedule around their sched- ule. She works part-time in the office of Greensboro architect Clinton Gravely where she does color schedules, coordinating floor coverings and wall colors, mainly for church and apartment complex contracts.

But if someone wants to go back to school, especially if she has her husband home to help her, I'd say do it. He is someone with whom the average person can identify. Richard Hudson Klemer Dr. Students, faculty and friends joined the family for a late afternoon memorial service in Stone Auditorium on September Klemer also had two books in pro- gress at tlie time of his death: Klemer, who joined the UNC-G fac- ulty in September,with the rank of professor, also served tliat year as a chnical Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 of family studies in tiie depart- ment of psychiatry at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University.

Smith Reynolds Foundationa pro- ject which was designed to help young mothers complete their high school educa- tion. The University has suffered a deep loss in the death of Dr. As a scholar he contributed substantially to the knowledge in his field through his publications. It was in his role as teacher and counselor that he will be greatly missed.

She hterally became a legend in her own time, as Rose Zimmerman Post '47 noted in an article in the Salisbury Post. It was a characteristic of Emma Morris that whenever she was praised for service, she would give the credit to someone else. This quality of modesty is evident NorthCarolkna Rose Post's interview, a part of which is reprinted here because it reveals the special way of service of one alumnae.

From Rose Post's Article: Books and service have been the warp and woof of Mrs, Morris's life. Her father, she says, introduced her to a lifelong love affair with books. Charles Dimcan Mclver, who believed that North Carolina should help educate its daughters as well as Alexnder sons, married her to service, convincing Emma Lewis Speight Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 all the other girls who went to his State Normal School in the early years as NorthCarolinz as generations Older single plus size hispanic nerd cutie followed, that they must graduate to serve the state that edu- cated them.

And she learned a lot of other things from Dr. Mclver and NlrthCarolina his college. Mclver himself taught a civics class, really a class in community service. Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043

Beautiful Adult Searching Group Sex Louisville

Morris really had no choice. She was carrying out orders when she helped establish the Rowan Public Library and throughout the years that have follow- ed. And that's all tliere was to it. Members of the Rowan Public Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 board of trustees, on which Mrs.

Morris served for more than 60 years, know differently. Morris was Sunday School super- intendent and director of religious educa- tion for years at St. Luke's Episaipal Church and served on state committees for the church and Horny ladies in Vacy the library.

She started the first adult education program in Rowan County when she fovmd there were people in Rowan who couldn't read and write.

The classes continued for 14 years, and a lot of people who went to learn to read and write their own names stayed to leam something about their government and literature and all kinds of things they hadn't anticipated learning. She's always looked to the future. The question at issue was the change of the name to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro — and the outcry was loud.

Easily the oldest alumna in the room, and the only one who could remember all the way back to the first name "that college" ever had, she had waited and listened be- fore she had her say. Every time the name has changed there has been Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043. And if more progress is in store for our college and our state, then I'm for the change. Bom April 21,in Hot ladies seeking hot sex Powys Co.

Church and later was a charter mem- ber of the First United Meth. Church where she Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 as supt. She was Chamber of Com- merce. Among Ejaculation sweet cum jizz. outstanding busi- ness women named in Charlotte, she was former pres.

Survivors include a sister, Maude Hoyle Ogbum '04 of Charlotte. A member of First United Methodist Church. For 25 years, she was. An authority on Riileigh history, she was the former head of the Confederate Pension Bur. A certified genealogist, she worked for the auditor's office for 35 yrs. Sherman's Army at the end of the Civil War. A member of the Church of the Good Shepherd and St. Daughters of and the Wake Co. The widow of Gurbney P. Hood, former state commis- sioner of banks, she taught five years in the Coklsboro Schs.

She was a former pres. She also served as a high school PTA pres. From toshe taught music in the Burhngtcn and High Point Schs. She moved to Charlotte in where she fived until returning to Greensboro in She is a former pres. Bom in Trenton, she taught music in Wilmington and Win.

A member of the First Baptist Church. Following graduation, she was secy, to the supt. Survivors include two sisters, Blanche H. Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill.

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She also worked as sec. Defense Service Council in Richmond, Va. She once wantts in a livestock market in Siler City. Hog was a member of the Eastern Star and the First Pres. She was a former office mgr. A Greensboro native, she worked with Southern Bell imtil the mid 40's. Survivors include a sister-in-law, Doris Bolick Apple '56, of Greensboro.

Joseph Hospital, Mille Pines, after being ill since December. She taught school in Lee Co. Inshe was sent to the Luebo station, Kasai pro- vince, the Congo, where she worked with teachers and pupils in the primary school, taught in the Bible Sch. She was Sexy want sex Port Huron to evacuate the Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 region in July, She was a retired teacher and a member of St.

Survivors include a sister, Virginia Broyhill Cobb ' Lindsey, 25, of Greens- boro died July 13 while swimming off the shore of Ocracoke Isl. His body was re- covered July A native of N.

He received his bachelor's degree in from Canisius C. He was a member of the Acoustical Soc. He had been employed a week NorthCaolina a research assoc. Next reunion in Jane Summerell has moved from her long-time residence on Joyner St. Next reunion in Mary Jeffress Whaley of Greensboro does some historical writing. Since her husband's retirement, the couple enjoys traveling. She's a Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 of the bd.

Lucy London Lindsay writes that a granddaughter has won a Latin medal and a grandson entered Ohio Wesleyan this fall. Kathrine Robinson Everett, Durham lawyer and former city councilwoman, re- ceived an honorary doctorate from Duke in May.

She continues partnership in NorthCarrolina late husband's firm, Everett Everett and Everett, with her son. Kemp is semi-retired, but does go to his office every day. An 80, volume library completed in at Elon C, was dedicated in June to Dr. Iris Holt McEwen, a member of the sch. Kalherine Hosldns, who did research for the historic sites committee of the Guilford Co. Carraway recently returned from a trip to the Scandinavian and Iberian countries. Her husband raises cattle on a farm near Clarksville.

Wznts Beam Funderburk writes: Rosa Blakeney Parker is active in church work, politics and family. C, finds "it is most interesting to live near UNC-G and attend alumni meet- ings with old friends and Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043.

Wamts Oliver of Fairmont, who retired from teaching inhves on the old Oliver homestead "where 5 generations of Olivers have lived. William Tate Scott, died July Zilpah Wilson Thomas of Stoneville recently recovered from a second stroke. Adelaide VanNoppcn Howard wante a visit from her sister, Charlotte VanNoppen While '30, in late Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 was an effective Troon visitor horny latin women 8 of eex.

Wilyjon Med- lock Kennan reminds fellow class members to continue Alecander to the class fund which will be used for loans to students in emergencies.

Jessie Rankin of Charlotte, who retired from teaching inspends time in church and volunteer work. Sadie Somers Oplinger has lived in Charlotte with daughter Phoebe since when her husband died. She Lonely woman in Aulia in 1st Pres. Church circles, gardens, travels and visits her son in Jacksonville, Fla.

Eugene C, died May He was the father-in-law of Dorothy Ennis Few ' Sandy Symmes '72, married to Jeanne Williams ' Mary stayed for a visit with daughter Jean Deck Symmes '46, mother of the groom. He was the father of Jane Pritchard Snead ' Samuel Floyd, died May The uncle of Gov. Bell, died April Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 Retired Teachers groups in District Anne Henderson Cragan is a homemaker at Forrest Dr. Ruth entered a pocketbook in a design inspired by a fish market in Bergen, Norway, and a small altar cloth embroidered with a Celtic cross on hand- woven material.

Hermene entered five pieces made from photographs of pain'. Ellen Stone Scott of Dunnellon, Fla. We're using 2 acres to raise beautiful, tasty vegetables and gorgeous flowers. Elba Catling Pritchard is pres.

Wo- hor Club which recently hosted a leader- ship training workshop sponsored by the N. Council of Women's Organizations. Clara Gill WiDdns, teacher for 27 yrs.

Frances MulUcan Wimbish of Greens- boro received a special award in May for her continued chairmanship of the Salva- tion Army's annual Christmas effort.

Mizelle retired in June from the. Montie Muse Griffin, who retired in June after teaching 36 yrs. She received a gold charm bracelet and a check for a trip to Europe. Causey, teacher at Xathanael Greene Nude women in Boulder Colorado. Ruth Clinard, who retired in Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 as exec, dir.

Katharine Freeman, since retirement as librarian in the Sch. Opal Ledford Moretz of Hickory is one of 2 new assoc. Press, Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 cluding a new introduction and a critical essay by Charles B. Ruthe Shafer, charter member of the Greensboro Pilot Club, was recently pic- tured in the Greensboro Daily News sampling the club's 35tli anniversary cake with Sara Henry Smith '31, also a charter member of the club.

Virginia Johnson Storey Macon Rd. Neal 3 Lookout Ave. Duncan died July Kate Tucker AUmond, who has retired after 28 years of Hlusewives, was the 1st woman to receive the Big cock 30 fit m seek hot female tonight to Mankind.

Edith Singleton Caldwell, who retired in June after teaching in Aberdeen schs. Head of the primary div. Church, she has also taught in church sch. Klary Wertz Sullivan of Donalds, S. Hor stressed the import- ance of eating as a social event for the elderly. Catharine Marrow Smith of Kinston travels eastern X. Com- mission for the Blind. Alexqnder Plonk Housewivds of Burlington is a member Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 the new bd. Elizabeth Harvell Miller is dir.

Daughter Nhixine was married in March.

Son Edward is a jr. Her 2 daughters are married and she's a 3-times "grand". She and husband Tom visited Tahiti and Bora-Bora in summer Mary Nunn Drumheller of Enterprise, Ala. Sympathy- to Jane A. Naughty looking hot sex Wasilla of Greensboro, whose brother, Randolph, died luly He was also the brother of Florence Womble '30 of Greensboro. Pirn Hayes Brownlow is working with a scholarship fund for children with learning disabilities established in memory of her oldest daughter, Sara Jo Shearer, who was killed in April, Elizabeth Stames Massachusetts.

Murray died July He was hto father- in-law of Linda Campbell Murray '71 of Boone. Gradeck of New Britain, Conn. She Housewives wants hot sex Alexander mills NorthCarolina 28043 Spain in April. Jean Brinkley Green of Birmingham, LAexander. Sharp of Reidsville is a staff Alexajder at Morehead Mem. She was opposed for the po- sition by Jane Smith Patterson '