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Need to contact the Wendy's complaint department?

You can call customer service atthis seems to be the best number to contact. An alternative complaint line is by calling or by fax at the number We could not find a company email address for Wendy's, ny feedback form is linked below. There have been more Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa customer complaints registered about Wendy's corporate so far.

Unfortunately the founder of Wendy's Dave Thomas, would probably not be happy to read what customers are saying about his chain today. He founded the Luxembourg sc swingers restaurant in in Columbus, Ohio.

Today, the corporate headquartes is located in Dublin, Ohio. If you would like to mail a letter, the address is One Dave Thomas Blvd. You can also use our free online feedback form to add a review about your local Wendy's restaurant.

Or you can use the official "Talk to Wendy's" feedback form on their website to take a survey about your experience at your local restaurant. The Tonight someone to go out is also quite active on social Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa. So, if you do not get a response by phone or email you can connect with them on Twitter or on their Facebook fan page.

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If I could give them a 0 I would. We ordered via door dash. The driver went MIA with the food and her tip.

Exmore VA housewives personals even took their phone number to make sure I called the right location and it was.

Your manager lied to me. I Iwa a manager in retail and I have come across situations at my job. While placing our order the girl played with her hair, handled money then preceded to handle food.

Then our order was incorrect. I returned to the counter to get my correct order and they argued with me and wanted to refused Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa.

Had to show them receipt to prove they were incorrect which caused a bit of a scene. And they had MOLD on ceiling. I would hope this would be unacceptable and you would correct this immediately. This restaurant really should be reported to the state board of health and closed. We Jwell in Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa area quite often and will NOT stop there Chat sex com Cleveland. The Manager and Employees were very rude.

Searching Real Sex Dating Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa

The manager's name was Lisa. They were very discourteous and rude. I wouldn't go back there Jewsll all. We waited 40 minutes for a cheeseburger and a chicken wrap. The wait is bad enough, but the 3 people working were in absolutely no hurry.

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One lady only bagged fries and nuggets, could have cared less about the 30 people waiting. The man working was in the middle literally burger on the bun of making someone's meal and he just left to use the mens room.

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Did not tell his coworkers and left the burger qife the counter to get cold. The third person working seemed a little concerned, she realized the man had left and she washed up Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa went to start preparing sandwiches. This is a very Nude Cotia women bad reflection on your company and I thought you should know.

Thank you for your time. Okay so Jeweol one I waited in Wendy's yesterday night for my food for, 20 mins just for a 4 for 4 and the lines were pack but everybody was walking slow like there wasnt people waiting in line.

Why does it take so much to get one little thing. It wouldn't have hurt that man to give that little boy his food like wow. I hope this is fixed immediately!! Oh yeah and just for me to get my food late, it was cold. I Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa went through the drive through and ordered a chicken sandwich meal with no mayo. Got home and there was lots of mayo on my bun. The window worker wanted to argue about it!

She wige it 'wasn't on my order'. I said - We had a Jedell on Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa many pieces I wanted, so I know I ordered it'. She replied ' I wasn't working the headset'. Annoyed she said - 'So do you want to add it to your order. She knew I was angry and Jewelll to call me 'babe' and Beautiful wives seeking nsa Warrensburg. I am 60 yrs old - I am neither to her.

Her insincerity infuriated me even more. I won't be going back - plenty of Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa places to pick up a quick Iowq.

I went to my local Wendys and they are our of chili again.

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Every time the weather turns cold or rainy they are out of chili. This was at 6: I tried to call the store but they are on the phone and I cannot get through.

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I tried to access the Wendys online site but that does not work either. Since they did not have enough chili for my order I ordered a Daves Single which was so loaded with mayo that the buns turned to mush and I had to throw the whole thing away. Not sure about the store number since they gave me no receipt and the location is N.

Needles to say I think Wendys has gone from a decent fast food to rating below McDonalds which is difficult to be any worse than McDonalds on anything other than coffee. Have always loved your Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa, and eaten Housewives personals in Sun city west AZ hundreds of times over the years.

Recently I have been very unhappy about the tea your serving, it used to be great I'm guessingredients it's from Coke Company and it is horrible, please send it to the curb, I don't drink sodas and that Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa half the reason I went there, the tea was awesome.

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Still like the IIowa, but would like something to drink while there. Wendy's store located at or about N high st: Columbus, Ohio Manager should be retrained or fired.

I entered the store for the first time. I went to the counter and asked" how do I order with cash? I did not understand what you just said" She looked at me I poured me a small drink and sat down in front of the window where the manager was filling sacks with orders.

I then asked to see the manager, "I am the manager" she said. Fjck don't have time to deal with cash! I looked her straight in the face and said thank you very much U are about as friendly as a porkapine.

The people next to me said. My husband and I eat there often. Recently, when I requested decaf coffee, one Ilwa the managers? He was not happy. I visited your establishment on Freedom Dr. I was very surprised that the older Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa working the register, handling money, was also handling the food without gloves. This gentleman also had Totally free for men Liuzhou sex cough and was not wearing a mask.

I think this is the epitome of not caring about your customers. This is how Jewekl are carried and people get sick. This should not be happening at any establishment that deals with food. My next call will be to the Health Department.

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This restaurant has a list of issues I experienced today:. The store was cold. I don't know if this was a broken thermostat, but every customer was wearing their coats while eating.

The bathroom stall's lock was broken, as was the coat hook I was wearing a long coat while attempting to sit on the toilet? Unless these issues are fixed, I will not be dining at ym location again. And Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa soda fountain that is available to the customer instead of behind the register is something wfe might want to think about.

Store Number located in St. Paul, MN has got to be the worst fast food restaurant I've ever been to. There is never a time we can get the correct order when going Free sex chat rooms for green bay wi. Today takes the cake - I had to repeat the order 3 times and in Fuck my wife Jewell Iowa end we were 3 orders of fries short. No apology or any indication that Fick even cared about me as the customer and how felt.

Surprised that the store is still in operation by the way they operate.